The Origins of Business, Money and Markets

The Story

Business arrived about 5000 years ago, originating first in the civilizations of Mesopotamia. The underlying structures and fundamental operations of modern business largely descend from those early beginnings.

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About the Book

t_georgiahis book is the first ever to tell the story of how business began and took the shape we know today. The author, a sophisticated business entrepreneur and historian, tells a fascinating chronological tale that spans nearly 4000 years from its origin in the first cities in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago to a near-fatal decline after the 3rd century AD. Although based on exceptional scholarship it is vividly written for the general reader.

    • Why business began where and when it did;
    • What the first businesses probably were;
    • How government made business possible and provided the intellectual tools necessary for its growth; Among major themes are:
  • The origins and role of money, markets, and credit
  • The intimate relationship between business conditions and religion, statecraft, demographics, technology, climate changes and war
  • The origins of corporations, stock exchanges, multinational business enterprises, and real estate markets; and
  • Why business virtually disappeared in the western Roman Empire

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